Real Choice Review 2019

2019 RCF Staff

This year has been a challenging year for our industry and your patience, support and loyalty is greatly appreciated.

As you may be aware our industry has been dealing with changes coming from this years’ Royal Commission.  For our industry to move forward with more transparency we are now required to provide more comprehensive information than ever before, borrowing capacities have become tighter with balances and checks increasing decisional time frames for all applications.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding in this continually changing time. There are still changes and requirements that may eventuate and our focus is and will always be to you, our clients, and how we can help you to the very best of our abilities.

Our promise to you, we will continue to be your helping hand in finance for the future.

Vince, Brad, Libby and The Real Choice Finance Team


Libby Ernst is the most recent Mortgage Broker we welcome to our team. Libby has been working in our office for over 3 years as our receptionist whilst also working closely with Vince as his personal assistant.

After listening to many family and friends have conversations around buying a home, she discovered her passion for finance. Having achieved her qualifications, she is now helping make a difference in people’s lives. Libby will be here to help make your loan process simpler and smoother during a time when it would be easy to become confused or overwhelmed.




All economic factors lead to the reality, 2020 is going to see the lowest interest rates any of us have ever seen!
There seem no indications rates will rise throughout the year. So, do you continue to ride variable interest rates or lock in a low rate now?
The features of these two loan types are very different and can have a great impact. This is going to depend on your own personal financial position, and what loan features are important to you.
Please contact us at anytime to discuss and assess your position in relation to this.




If you are needing finance for any reason, you need to prepare early for your loan application. The lending process is far more stringent that we can remember, and it is vital to get started sooner rather than later. We must get used to the fact that the information and documents that are required for a loan application are far greater, and the Credit checks done are far more extensive than ever before.
Disclosure of everything is a must. As non-disclosure can lead to an immediate decline of your application.
Tip: Talk to your broker early in the process, do your own credit check at

“Both services are free to you.”

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